Life coach, yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, student for life. Influenced by Stanislav Grof and CG Jung. Inspired by the beauty, magic, and rhythm of the natural world and all its plant and animal medicines. Explorer of consciousness through myth, archetype, and symbol. Dreamwalker, tarot reader, mesa carrier.

Welcome, It’s an honor to have you browsing my site. This blog, for me, is an experiment in vulnerability. Its intent is for connection and more importantly, expression, which is my growth edge. It’s an exercise in honoring voice through written word. And for you, it’s my hope that I can be of service somehow, either with an idea, tip, recommendation, or simply to offer an alternative perspective.

I’m fascinated by the human psyche and its capacity for healing and transformation on all levels; body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul. Topics I might explore here are many and might include issues in mental health, particularly depression, anxiety, and PTSD, coming from my own personal experience. I might post about nutrition, running, yoga, meditation, and neuroscience. And beyond the functional healing perspective, I might write on my experiences with Shamanic arts, earth-centered spirituality, holotropic breathwork, dreamwork, archetypal tarot, plant and animal medicines, lunar cycles, ceremony, and horses as spiritual teachers and healers. On a lighter note you might find topics on my dogs, paddle boarding, and other fun stuff I like to do here in Austin, TX.

So again welcome and thanks for being here!