New Year Full Moon – 2018


Welcome friends,

The week between Christmas and New Year is that sweet time of year that speaks to my heart and and soul. It says take your time, go inward, rest, and reflect. The nights are still long, the tree is still up, and businesses seem to be halfway operating. Its a distinctive time of year that seems almost otherworldly. The magic of Christmas still lingers and the promise of a new year, one better than the last, summons.

When I think of the full moon, I conjure up images of night, shadow, fertility, oceans and tides, sleep and dream, mystery, the unconscious, self-reflection and innerwork. When the moon is full, the sun is at the opposite end of the sky, creating what CG Jung terms a “tension of the opposites,” where chaos might lurk, bringing to mind the word, “lunacy.”

The waxing moon energy has been building (definitely in my world) and needs releasing and clearing to create space for New Year’s intentions, wishes, resolutions, or whatever you might call them. I call them intentions. Wishes seem too fanciful and resolutions to me seem stale. Because the full moon rises on New Year’s Day, and it also happens to be a supermoon, the first of three this year, it makes for a very potent time for releasing stagnant energy, opening up space to dream your new year into being.

One of the most powerful ways of releasing what no longer serves your highest good is by creating sacred space for ceremony where you can really sink into your innermost heartfelt desires. Find a spot where you will be undisturbed, light a candle, or perform whatever you feel symbolizes the beginning of ceremony by creating a boundary where you can step into sacred time. Call in the help of any guides, teachers, or sources of inspiration to assist you. Then write down your thoughts, emotions, and sensations that are associated with what you are releasing. Creating a simple drawing or piece of artwork that you feel symbolizes your experience will work as well. Once you have your drawing or writing in hand, you are ready for release. In certain shamanic traditions, and one in which I practice, we blow what no longer serves us into a stick and place it into the fire during ceremony. The fire then transmutes these energies, creating a powerful alchemical reaction. A large fire is not necessary for this process. A candleflame or a matchstick in your sink will do. The idea is for it to be released in different form, in this case, smoke and ash.

Then use breath for grounding and centering. Take slow inhales and slower, longer exhales for several cycles until you feel a relaxation response, sometimes called “rest and digest.” I call it rest and reprogram since this is when your neural circuitry is most amenable to rewiring.

You’ve now created and cultivated space to seed your intentions for the new year. There are many ways to set intentions, but the important thing to remember is to put it into form by either writing, vocalizing, vision boarding, creating a song, poem, dance or prayer.

I’ll end with a prayer for our year to come. This is by one of my favorite new writers, Pixie Lighthorse.

“Give me the perception to notice the changes taking place inside of me. Help me see them clearly reflected in my environment. Take me deep into the hermitage of my spirit to ponder the here and now and foresee the coming challenges. Purify my filters so that I can understand my connection to all living things and my place in the universe.”        

Pixie Lighthorse, Prayers Honoring Voice

January 2018, New Year’s Day, Full Wolf Moon